A full-cycle production capable of coping with any level of complexity and tasks. Our team is ready to shoot anywhere in the world and under any conditions. We guarantee the quality of the finished product because we are confident in ourselves. Your main story is born here!



This story originates in the distant 50s, it was then that the settlement of the Northern Cemetery in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, began. People build a family life, give birth, raise children and die there, in the cemetery.
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Mikhail Mikhailovich Kaabak is the only pediatric transplant doctor in Russia who performs kidney transplants for small children.
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We are young, full of energy and confident. He has extensive work experience, studies at the best universities in the country, travels around the world and, accordingly, a broad outlook.

We know that there is a person behind every, even the most expensive and successful film.

Claudia Bershadskaya

director of the film company

Kristina Alexandrova

editing director

Konstantin Karpushov

director of photography

Julia Matrosova

photographer and videographer

Julia Shatilova

producer, lawyer

Olga Barabanova

graphic designer, illustrator


The whole production process from the idea to the finished project:

  1. Documentaries
  2. Popular science cinema
  3. Feature films
  4. Corporate cinema
  5. Advertising
  6. Clips


If you have a script and a budget, we will help with the implementation of your ideas.

The cumulative experience of the cinematographers with whom we cooperate is measured by dozens of years of successful work. We are ready to assemble the perfect film crew for projects of any scale.

Реквизиты для поддержки

Вы можете оказать поддержку в продвижении фильма, осуществив перевод по номеру телефона +79258420613 по СБП на карту Сбербанка.


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