“People living here in the cemetery usually keep their promises”

This story originates in the distant 50s, it was then that the settlement of the Northern Cemetery in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, began. People build a family life, give birth, raise children and die there, in the cemetery.

Loraine is a representative of the third generation, who was born in the cemetery. Loraine’s family lives in the crypt of their relatives, instead of paying rent, Loraine and her brother keep the crypt clean.

Misunderstandings with relatives force Loraine and her family to move from the central part of the cemetery – a street called MAINAVENUE – to the marginal part of the cemetery. Now Loraine and her family live in the crypt where her own grandfather is buried, who once brought the family to live in the cemetery.

Loraine’s parents keep a small stall next to the crypt. This allows you to earn minimal expenses and, most importantly, to pay for school.

Lorraine’s main goal is to get an education, get a job and go live outside the cemetery.

It depends on Lorraine, as a future mother, whether the next generation will be born in the cemetery or she will be able to change the fate of her kind.


Claudia Bershadskaya


Claudia Bershadskaya


Vladimir Bershadsky


Gennady Dubin, Tatiana Fedorovna



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